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Customer Support Agent Assistant

The Problem

Our client was the finance unit of major automotive company. Within Customer Center Operations, there's a marked discrepancy in onboarding speeds among new operators, largely attributed to the complexity of existing documentation. This inconsistency hampers overall efficiency. Additionally, operators are bogged down by the time-consuming task of sifting through dense information to find relevant data, which further drags down operational efficiency. Compliance with best practices is hard to maintain, adversely affecting the quality of customer interactions. Moreover, customer service levels are compromised by varied familiarity with procedures among operators, leading to inconsistent service experiences and slow resolution times which dampen customer satisfaction.

The Solution

The proposed solution is a GenAI Assistant that seamlessly interfaces with the company's Confluence knowledge base. This assistant promises to revolutionize the way customer service agents interact with information, offering a natural chat prompt that simplifies the retrieval of complex data. By embedding stringent security and data governance measures within the system, the solution ensures that operational efficiency is bolstered without compromising on data integrity. The goal is to streamline the onboarding process, making information retrieval swift and accurate, and ensuring that best practices are easily and consistently applied across all customer interactions.

The Differentiator

The GenAI Assistant is the first step in a new era for Customer Center Operations by empowering agents with advanced, context-aware support. Unlike traditional systems, this GenAI-powered interface can parse and interpret complex data, ensuring agents receive precise, actionable insights. It learns and adapts to the company's evolving knowledge base, improving its guidance over time. With the ability to understand and apply best practices autonomously, the GenAI Assistant consistently elevates the quality of customer interactions, leading to a harmonious blend of efficiency and enhanced service levels.

The Impact

  • Increase of average customer inquires resolved per hour  

  • Increase in onboarding speed

  • Decline in contact center escalations

  • Increase in service quality consistency

  • Increase in customer satisfaction

Project Lead

Federico Clementi
Director Strategy & Consulting
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