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Corporate ChatGPT

The Problem

The core of the problem is compliance with data security and governance (e.g., GDPR and internal or confidential corporate data). Consumer-oriented AI tools might store user interactions to refine and train their models, leading to a potential risk of corporate data being exposed or misused. This concern has escalated to a point where major corporations have decided to limit or ban the use of such AI tools within their workplaces. The challenge is to harness the productivity benefits of AI while ensuring stringent protection of sensitive business data.

The Solution

Our solution lies in developing a secure, proprietary AI chat tool specifically for corporate use. This tool would be designed with rigorous data privacy and security protocols, ensuring that all interactions are compliant with company security policies and no data is externally stored or used for model training. By leveraging on impactAI to develop their in-house proprietary chatbot, companies can leverage the efficiency of AI while maintaining complete control over their data. This approach not only mitigates the risk of data breaches but also aligns with the stringent privacy policies and compliance standards of corporate environments.

The Differentiator

Unlike general-purpose AI tools like ChatGPT, a corporate-specific GenAI tool can be optimised not just to adhere to the unique data privacy and security requirements of each organization, but also to access specific data for augmentation. This customization allows companies to harness the full potential of AI for efficiency and innovation, without compromising on data security. With GenAI, businesses can enjoy tailored AI interactions that are safe, compliant, and highly effective, fitting seamlessly into their specific operational framework.

The Impact

  • Allow workforce to access productivity improvements granted by GenAI in a responsible way

  • Ensure data security and regulatory compliance

Project Lead

Ricardo Ameijeiras
Senior AI Engineering
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About impactAI

Immersed at the heart of AI's newest breakthroughs, impactAIbridges the gap between the industry innovators and thecorporations eager to leverage the transformative powerof GenAI. From redefining strategic goals and executing itsholistic implementation across organizations, to providingin-depth training and ongoing support, we ensure AI isn'tjust a tool but a competitive advantage.

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