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Enable your cross-functional teams to play a pivotal role in shaping your AI-first company.

Learn from our network of AI innovators driving the latest breakthroughs in the industry.

Invest in your workforce development and retain top talent through advanced AI training.

Meet our trainers

Our trainers convey the best GenAI practices
from the industry directly to your teams

Philip Fischer

Innovator with a strong track record in technology, corporate strategy, and education.

  • Led initiatives in cloud computing and generative AI within the automotive industry in Microsoft

  • Directed product management at Mercedes-Benz AMG

Giancarlo Cobino

Leading Data and AI expert with 10+ years in advanced ML development and equity trading strategy formulation.

  • Guided teams and spearheaded ML framework projects during growth phases.
  • Crafted algorithms and strategies in AI and equity trading.
Dr. Ana Ilievska

Senior Research Fellow with interdisciplinary experience investigating the responsible design of AI

  • Involved in research aiming to redefine the future of AI
  • Explored the socio-technical dynamics of our digital future
Alberto Giammattei

Experienced Venture Architect with a strong track record of strategy consulting and fundraising at corporate startups

  • Launched an international marketplace and built up the operation function

  • Designed and operated corporate venture capital programs

Ricardo Fernández

Skilled in ML and MLOps, dedicated to delivering impactful outcomes with advanced AI models.

  • Expert in deploying production-grade ML and Large Language Models.

  • Managed full-cycle solutions: data gathering, model training, and inference strategy design.

Iman Oubou

Founder and CEO of several companies in the media, communications and marketing industry, and author of a best-selling book.

  • Founded a startup in the Generative AI space,

  • Speaker at multiple AI conferences in the US and Europe (e.g., Mindvalley, AI Summit..)

Jacob Kratzsch

Co-founder and Data Scientist with extensive experience in the AI space

  • Engineered a robust, Python-based platform for prompt engineering, ensuring CleoAI's competitive edge in tech innovation
  • Played a crucial role in Zalando, unlocking new opportunities with machine learning
Davide Marelli

Entrepreneur in the media and edtech industry through the creation of two ventures.

  • Founded and led his own startups in the media and edtech industry

  • Elaborated high-tech supply chain-related alternatives for LG Portugal

Philipp Adamidis

Dynamic entrepreneur with a strong background in technology and entrepreneurship

  • Co-founded QuantPi GmbH, a company specialized in leveraging AI for business applications

  • Extensive experience in incubating tech ventures

Alessandro Petri

Chief Product Officer with focus on product vision, strategy, and leadership

  • CPO at QuantPi GmbH, a company specialized in leveraging AI for business applications

  • Demonstrated exceptional abilities in product strategy and management

Ido Cohen

Innovative entrepreneur and a leader in the technology sector.

  • Founded Loadmill, a company that simplifies test automation with AI

  • Experienced Software Engineer with a proven history of working in the tech industry


Tailor your training by selecting the most
relevant topics for your team

GenAI Gym covers all the applications of GenAI in the corporate environment. We structured this program to offer a range of interactive learning modules that cover everything from the basic principles of GenAI to its advanced applications, making it suitable for a variety of learning needs and professional backgrounds.


Introduction to
Generative AI
Safety and


GenAI and
with GenAI
and Excel
GenAI and
Data Analysis
Create your


GenAI and
powered by powered by
AI Governance
and Trust
powered by powered by
GenAI & Software
powered by powered by
More to come!

Why Invest in GenAI

Upskilling Your Workforce in GenAI is Key
to Future-Proofing Your Organization.

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, staying ahead means not just keeping pace with technological advancements but actively integrating them into your business strategy. Upskilling your workforce in Generative AI (GenAI) is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Here’s why:


Staying Competitive 
in a Digital Economy

GenAI technologies are reshaping industries and empowering teams to automate routine tasks, analyze data more efficiently, and generate creative solutions - all crucial for maintaining a competitive edge.


Driving Business
Growth and Efficiency

Understanding and implementing GenAI can streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. With GenAI, your team can seamlessly leverage the power of big data for more accurate and strategic decision-making.


Workforce Retention

Investing in employee development through GenAI training demonstrates a commitment to their growth, leading to higher engagement and retention rates, making your organization attractive to top-tier talent who seek dynamic and forward-thinking work environments.


Tackling Present
and Future Challenges

As GenAI continues to evolve, a workforce skilled in these technologies will be better prepared to adapt to rapid changes and innovations. Training in GenAI also encompasses ethical considerations, data privacy and compliance ensuring that your team not only uses these technologies effectively but also responsibly.


Enhancing Customer
Experience and Services

GenAI can enable more personalized and efficient customer service, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. A GenAI-savvy workforce can contribute to the development of innovative products and services, opening new avenues for growth.

About GenAi Gym

How we deliver
the training

GenAI Gym is a customizable and specialized training platform designed to enhance your team's understanding and application of GenAI. It's a comprehensive program that blends theoretical knowledge with practical applications, ensuring a deep and practical mastery of AI technologies.

Skills You Will Develop

Mastery of GenAI Platforms: Gain in-depth proficiency in utilizing various Generative AI models, enhancing your technical capabilities.

Expertise in Prompt Engineering: Develop the skill to craft effective prompts, a key element in directing GenAI outputs towards desired results.

Domain-Specific GenAI Application: Learn how to apply GenAI in specific fields or tasks, tailoring its capabilities to your professional domain.

Safe and Compliant Use of Technologies: Understand how to use Generative AI technologies in a manner that is safe and compliant with relevant regulations and ethical standards.

We Offer Continuous Support To Help You Apply GenAI At Every Step.

Onboard participants and customize content
  • Communications to spark interest
  • Pre-course surveys to tailor content
  • Audience-focused preparation
Delivery of engaging sessions
  • Expert-led, cutting-edge content
  • Interactive learning activities
  • Real-time Q&A sessions
Follow-up to reinforce learning
  • Quizzes and exercises
  • Infographics and cheat sheets
  • Community building

Our content is available in different languages, ensuring you learn in the language that suits you best


Our Curriculum

A Glimpse Of Your GenAI Training Experience

This 6-session GenAI Gym training program, recently provided to select corporate clients, is a prime example of our tailored approach. It equips teams with foundational GenAI knowledge and progresses to in-depth, practical sessions focusing on specialized topics and functions.

Introduction to Generative AI
1 hour
100 people
Safety and Compliance
30 minutes
100 people
Prompt Engineering
1 hour
50 people (Two sessions)
Creativity with Generative AI
1 hour
50 people (Two sessions)
Generative AI & Power Point
1 hour
50 people (Two sessions)
Generative AI & Excel
1 hour
50 people (Two sessions)
Timetable adjustable depending on your needs and priorities​

About impactAI

Immersed at the heart of AI's newest breakthroughs, impactAIbridges the gap between the industry innovators and thecorporations eager to leverage the transformative powerof GenAI. From redefining strategic goals and executing itsholistic implementation across organizations, to providingin-depth training and ongoing support, we ensure AI isn'tjust a tool but a competitive advantage.

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