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The Problem

The client faces a challenge in efficiently managing customer queries due to its extensive product range and a plethora of technical documents. The vast array of products (100+ product lines with different configurations) makes it challenging for the customer support and inside sales teams to keep track of all the details and technical specifics. This complexity can lead to delays in responding to customer queries, inaccuracies in information provided, and overall reduced efficiency in customer service. Combined with the vast repository of documents like manuals and tech sheets, the challenge is not just the volume of information but also its accessibility and applicability in real-time customer interactions.

The Solution

Introducing a GenAI chatbot designed to assist the customer support and inside sales teams. This AI-driven tool can swiftly navigate through the vast database of products and documents, providing accurate and relevant information quickly. This aids in responding to customer queries more efficiently, ensuring consistency and precision in the information relayed.

The Differentiator

The GenAI-powered chatbot stands out for its ability to interpret complex tables, schematics, and technical documents. Unlike standard chatbots, this advanced comprehension allows for more accurate, context-aware, and detailed responses, significantly improving the customer interaction quality. It not only makes the customer support process more efficient but also positions the company as an innovator in leveraging cutting-edge AI technology for enhanced customer service.

The Impact

  • Decrease in average customer inquiry resolution time 
  • Increase in ratio of first contact resolution
  • Improvement in customer satisfaction

Project Lead

Ricardo Ameijeiras
Senior AI Engineering
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About impactAI

Immersed at the heart of AI's newest breakthroughs, impactAIbridges the gap between the industry innovators and thecorporations eager to leverage the transformative powerof GenAI. From redefining strategic goals and executing itsholistic implementation across organizations, to providingin-depth training and ongoing support, we ensure AI isn'tjust a tool but a competitive advantage.

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